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You can now get the latest merchant account headlines sent straight to your desktop or Web browser through's RSS feeds.

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, means that if your PC, Mac or handheld device is connected to the Internet, you can be notified almost immediately whenever a new headline is posted on Whether you're looking for information about merchant fees, interchange rates, merchant acquirers, payment processing or anything else related to the topic, you'll find a feed for it here.

All you need to do to use RSS, copy the address for the feed and paste it into an RSS news reader, or use a browser or e-mail viewer that supports RSS feeds. Below is a sample list of available RSS readers. Many more are available.

  • Bloglines is a free, Web-based news aggregator (
  • Shrook is a free RSS reader for Mac OS X (
  • RSS Reader is a free RSS reader for Windows. (

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