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The following Telephone Order Merchant Accounts feature telephone credit card processing services for phone credit card processing. Apply for the Telephone Order Merchant Account of your choice by filling out a secure online application.

High Risk Merchant Account Services

Companies provide a wide array of High risk merchant account services to serve the varied needs of high risk merchants around the world. To this end, service providers specialize in providing unique and robust domestic and International high risk merchant account processing solutions for medium to high risk merchants in the card-not-present space.

With an ever expanding network of domestic and international banks and by sharing risk on your transactions, these providers have been able to offer High Risk Merchant Accounts to hundreds of special needs merchants. Not only will they find you the right merchant account to fit your needs, we specialize in keeping your accounts live and processing even as industry trends and banking appetites change.

The products and services include:
• Direct International accounts
• High Volume / High Ticket Merchants
• Aggregate accounts
• Wallets
• Placement for a wide-range of business types
• Fast merchant account approvals
• Frequent payout schedule
• Multi-currency processing and settlements
• Placement for international businesses
• Customer Support Services
• Easy to use online reporting
• Quick and Simple Integration
• Foreign entity creation

High Volume Merchant Account

A high volume merchant account is exactly what it sounds like. Comparable to other merchant accounts, the basic purpose of a high volume merchant account is to process credit or debit cards but in this particular case, we are talking of real high number of transactions considering the high volume of products and services. Accepting credit cards with a high risk merchant account can be a very important variable in growing your business.

If you are looking to obtain a high risk merchant account or currently have a merchant account and are shopping for better rates, the dedicated professionals at here have leveraged deep bank relationships and industry knowledge to find the right high risk merchant account to fit any business needs.

High Risk Processors

Opening up a high risk processing account gives you the ability of accepting credit cards online and over the telephone. The importance of obtaining a high risk merchant account through a reliable solution which understands your business and has the ability to keep pace with market conditions is a key component to your success and consequently the longevity of your business.

The rapid growth of internet commerce has resulted in the need for businesses to accept credit cards around the clock. At our company, our job is not only to provide you with a multitude of high risk merchant account solutions to suit the needs of your business, but also to provide you with the tools, markets, and industry expertise needed in order to keep your accounts live and processing even as industry trends and banking appetites change.

Protect your high risk processing account against chargebacks with a chargeback alert platform - Chargeback Mitigation Program. We are an industry leader in high risk credit card processing. We provide international high risk processing and domestic high risk processing for medium to high risk businesses across the globe.
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* See the Telephone Order Merchant Account application for details about terms and conditions of offer. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. However all merchant account information is presented without warranty. When you click on the " Apply Here " button you can review the merchant account terms and conditions on the merchant provider's web site.