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Merchants have increasing responsibilities to prevent consumers' credit card data from falling into the wrong hands.

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Data security Data security

Are you ready for the new EMV cards? -- Confused about the EMV requirements merchants will face in 2015? We asked the experts for you. ... (See EMV cards)

5 ways your store could be hacked -- While some data thieves may concentrate their efforts on the big retailers, small merchants can be victims as well ... (See Data breaches)

4 things to know about taking payments over the phone -- Accepting card payments by phone is necessary for catalogs and food order businesses. Yet there are some risks -- and costs -- phone order merchants take on ... (See Phone orders)

6 ways online merchants can combat card-not-present fraud -- The adoption of EMV technology could cause criminals to shift their attention from stores to online merchants. Don't let yourself be a soft target ... (See Fraud)

4 excuses small merchants make for ignoring data security -- Here are some of the most common excuses small merchants make to avoid PCI compliance, according to experts -- and why you should stop making them ... (See PCI DSS)

How to prevent and detect employee data theft -- Are your employees stealing from your customers? Here's how employee data theft works -- and ways you can stop it ... (See Data theft)

PCI Compliance: An online merchant's guide -- Online businesses can avoid many of the overhead costs of brick-and-mortar merchants -- but they must still comply with PCI DSS. Payment security expert Branden R. Williams explains how ... (See e-commerce)

How to prevent skimming and other POS terminal attacks -- As a small business owner, you may not think of yourself as a crime fighter -- but your POS terminals are vulnerable to several sophisticated types of data theft ... (See POS attacks)

Expert Q&A: A PCI primer for brick-and-mortar merchants -- PCI compliance can be a maze for merchants. Payment security expert Branden R. Williams provides small brick-and-mortar merchants with a road map ... (See PCI)

What to do after a data breach -- Small merchants have a reputation for nonchalance when it comes to data breaches. Yet they can wreak havoc on your business. Here are the first steps for damage control ... (See Data breach)

U.S. EMV roll-out doesn't mean merchants have to rush -- EMV card technology is getting rolled out in the U.S. Here's what you need to know about the deadlines -- and why you don't have to rush ... (See EMV)

Terminal makers promise "future proof" products for merchants -- Digital payments. EMV. Mobile registers. For merchants, keeping up can be challenging -- and expensive. That's why some terminal makers are starting to tout their terminals as "future proof." ... (See Technology)

Merchant account guide for small ecommerce sellers -- Whether you're selling crafts, auctioning antiques or hawking your skills as a website designer, your needs as a small online business are different from those of brick-and-mortar ones ... (See Ecommerce)

What merchants need to know about the Senate's mobile payments hearing -- Three experts sounded off on mobile payments at this week's Senate committee hearing. Here are the highlights for merchants ... (See Senate hearing)

How to make smartphone and tablet payments secure -- Thinking about using a smartphone or tablet computer instead of a register? Here's how to make sure your customers' card data stays safe ... (See Data security)

Will consumers reject mobile payments? -- Upgrading point-of-service systems to accept mobile payments can have many advantages for merchants. The problem is, customers might not be on board ... (See Privacy)

Walmart snubs contactless payments -- but should small businesses? -- Walmart recently said it has no plans to support contactless payments. Yet moving toward contactless payments could pay off for smaller businesses ... (See Contactless payments)

Small business owners find silver lining in cloud-based POS systems -- Storing your data in the cloud could save your business time and money -- yet there are risks to consider before adopting a cloud-based POS system ... (See Merchant equipment)

In rush to mobile market, merchants vulnerable to fraud -- As the mobile market booms, some merchants aren't being as cautious as they should be with their mobile sites, leaving themselves vulnerable to hackers ... (See Security)

What MasterCard's EMV "roadmap" means for merchants -- Following Visa's lead, MasterCard is throwing its weight behind EMV technology -- and has suggested that it will be giving merchants incentives to get on board ... (See EMV)

Restaurant battles bank over security breach -- Should a retailer be on the hook if the credit cards they accepted from their customers were later used fraudulently? A lawsuit is tackling that very question ... (See Lawsuit)

Many small merchants ignoring security standards -- Merchants that handle sensitive card data are supposed to adhere to certain standards to keep it safe. But many small businesses aren't doing so ... (See Card data)

Online shoppers find mobile payments safer than credit cards -- Here's one more reason to start accepting mobile payments: New research shows that online shoppers find carrier-billed mobile payments safer than using a credit card ... (See Mobile payments)

Large number of merchants storing unencrypted card data -- Are you storing unencrypted card data without realizing it? If so, you're not alone. 71 percent of participating merchants were found to have unencrypted card data stored on their networks, according to a recent study ... (See Data security)

7 reasons to accept smart cards -- Still weary of moving to chip-and-PIN? Here are seven reasons why installing new terminals and accepting smart cards will benefit your business ... (See Smart cards)

Tips for protecting your business from retail fraud -- Retail fraud costs merchants far more than just the cost of stolen goods, making it essential that you closely monitor your transactions ... (See Fraud tips)

MasterCard urges ATM owners to upgrade to EMV technology -- MasterCard is throwing its weight behind chip and PIN. The network is urging member bank ATM owners to upgrade their ATMs to accept chip cards by April 2013 ... (See EMV)

A new way to accept credit cards -- with a webcam -- Payment companies such as Jumio are introducing innovative new tools that securely read credit cards with a simple click of a webcam. ... (See Netswipe)

A guide to Visa's merchant incentives for chip-and-PIN compliance -- Visa announced earlier this month that it will begin pushing for a U.S. migration toward chip-and-PIN (EMV) credit cards. Here's what you need to know about Visa's plan to encourage merchants to upgrade their terminals and accept chip-and-PIN credit cards ... (See EMV)

Back to School, Part 2: Credit card processing, 4 key issues -- In Part 2 of our "Back to School" series, we look at four key issues that merchants should consider before choosing a credit card processing system ... (See Part 2)

6 tips for securing your payment system -- Fraudsters have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, making it even more important that you regularly monitor the security of your payment systems ... (See Security)

The latest PCI guidelines: How to securely collect payments by phone -- The council has issued new security guidelines for phone-based credit card payments. Here's what you need to know to keep fraud artists at bay ... (See PCI guidelines)

5 ways to reassure your customers about payment security -- Want to keep your customers happy? Convince them that you value their privacy even more than they do. Here are 5 tips for reassuring your customers that their credit card information is secure ... (See Customer service)

Point-of-sale devices are an easy fraud target, say experts -- According to a study conducted by Trustwave, a company that investigates payment card fraud, point-of-sale devices are often the weakest link when it comes to protecting customers' payment information ... (See Point-of-sale security)

Are the security concerns over Square's mobile payment device valid? -- Mobile upstart Square has created an affordable solution that allows regular folks to accept credit card payments, not just merchants. But VeriFone, a long-established competitor, has raised some security concerns over Square's device ... (See Mobile payment security)

Visa announces PCI compliance program -- but not for U.S. -- The Technology Innovation Program, recently announced by Visa, will reward merchants outside the U.S. for using chip-enabled technology and will help combat fraud ... (See PCI compliance)

Florida case shows risk of checking, credit card scams -- A woman from Clearwater, Fla., who owns a fashion shop has been charged with depositing stolen checks and raiding her patrons' credit card accounts -- for the third time, no less ... (See Scams)

PCI data security standards: What they are and why they matter -- Merchants that accept credit card payments need to defend customers' sensitive personal data against theft and fraud. But where should your security measures begin? That's where PCI standards come in. ... (See PCI standards)

Phishing attack targets merchant accounts -- Merchant accounts are not immune to phishing attempts. Business owners should know how to recognize phishing and protect themselves against thieves. ... (See Phishing)

BBB warns of credit card processing scam -- The credit card fraud involves a sales representative who offers to save the small business owner money on credit card processing fees if they sign a long-term agreement. ... (See BBB)

Finding the right merchant account for you -- With so many merchant account providers to choose from, how do you find one that's right for you? Here are some quick points to consider. ... (See Accounts)

Heartland releases new swipe terminals -- New debit and credit card swipe terminals have been introduced by Heartland Payment Systems that offer E3, a security technology that encrypts transaction data. ... (See Heartland)

Study: Businesses still don't understand PCI standards -- The new PCI standards have a September 2010 deadline, but only a small percentage of companies that accept credit cards have taken steps to meet them. ... (See PCI)

Amex wins suit against merchant account fraudsters -- American Express recently won a lawsuit against Nashville restaurant owners for credit card fraud. Unfortunately, credit card fraud remains prevalent in the United States and worldwide. ... (See Amex)

Should you consider a multifunction POS terminal? -- Multifunction point-of-sale (or POS) terminals offer many advantages over traditional ones, including cost savings, customer convenience and PCI-standards compliance ... (See Terminal)

7 things you must know about credit card processing -- Credit card processing can be a complex thing. Here are seven key things that every merchant should know about it. ... (See Credit cards)

FBI warns small businesses about rising cybercrime dangers -- Online banking might not be as safe as you thought. The ABA and FBI are encouraging small business owners to be vigilant about online financial transactions. ... (See Cybercrime)

5 big mistakes to make when choosing a merchant account -- You might be pumped and ready to start selling online, but it is important to avoid these merchant account mistakes that are so common with business owners today. ... (See Mistakes)

Breaking down the various types of merchant accounts -- What your merchant account does and doesn't do depends on what type of account you have ... (See Breakdown)

Visa releases data encryption best practices -- Securing credit card data is crucial. Visa has published a list of best practice recommendations in an effort to help merchants with that big task. ... (See Data)

Card processing apps for iPhone becoming more common -- Credit card processing apps for iPhone and iPod Touch are allowing merchants to cut costs and accept card payments away from the business home location. ... (See iPhone)

Square mobile payment tool now available for iPhone -- Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has introduces the world to Square, which will turn your iPhone into a portable credit card acceptance device. Square has the potential to revolutionize the way small businesses work. ... (See Square)

Study: Businesses lack policies for tackling cybercrime -- Small businesses are lagging in the quest for cybersecurity, a new study reveals. This can be costly for merchants who accept credit cards, for they may be in violation of PCI security standards. ... (See Cybercrime)

Thieves use merchant accounts to commit fraud -- Merchants are troubled by recent news of credit card tricksters using merchant accounts for their latest series of fraudulent activities. ... (See Fraud)

Follow these best practices for accepting contactless payments -- Contactless payments have grown significantly in popularity over the last few years, and are expected to continue growing as the public becomes more reliant on credit cards and fobs rather than cash and checks. Here's how to handle them. ... (See Contactless)

Beware of credit card processing scams -- Both buyers and business owners need to do some research before dealing with a credit card processor. Here's some hints of how to start. ... (See Scams)

Financial services company unveils new safeguard vs. ID theft -- PSCU Financial Services of St. Petersburg, Florida now uses CreditLock, a service that lets customers at over 600 credit unions lock and unlock their credit cards with a quick phone call. ... (See CreditLock)

More states adding data breach notification laws -- New data breach notification laws make merchants and vendors responsible for notifying customers when their private data is illegally accessed. More and more states are jumping on board. ... (See Data breach)

Police ramp up efforts to prevent ID theft -- In an effort to crack down on credit card thieves, police detectives in Oviedo, Fla., make it a point to investigate all reports of identity theft, even if the amount is just $5. Learn more about what they're doing -- and what you can do -- to prevent fraud. ... (See Police)

Hacker pleads guilty to giant ID theft; learn how to protect yourself -- Ehud Tenenbaum, also known as "The Analyzer," recently pleaded guilty to a single count of credit card fraud that stemmed from a more than $10 million theft of credit card numbers. ... (See Hacker)

Man charged with massive credit card data theft -- The recent theft of millions of account numbers points out that better data security is needed at companies that process credit card transactions. ... (See Data theft)

Network Solutions data breach stirs controversy -- Network Solutions announces breach that impacts thousands of retailers. However, some retailers fear that customers will blame their small enterprises rather than blaming the company that merchants feel is responsible for the breach. ... (See Breach)

Merchant accounts victimized by hackers' unusual scheme -- Even with the data encryption methods currently in place, hackers still have found a fairly large loophole in the credit card processing system. By exploiting merchant accounts, unscrupulous individuals can commit credit card fraud without ever stepping into a place of business. ... (See Hackers)

New study sees flaws in data security standards -- Payment Card Industry data security standards aren't as effective as merchants may believe, according to a new report. ... (See Flaws)

How tokenization works -- Tokenization is a way to eliminate security concerns about the storage and transmission of sensitive credit card data over a merchant's network. Click through the graphic to learn how it works. ... (See Tokenization)

Agencies issue frequently asked questions on ID theft rules -- The government is still implementing the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003. The latest update is the report "Identity Theft Red Flags and Address Discrepancies." Here's what you need to know. ... (See ID theft)

Get answers to your questions about PCI data security standards -- Small business owners, with the help of merchant account providers and trade associations, can learn more about PCI standards for data security. ... (See PCI standards)

Study: Credit cards may not really increase spending -- A recent study found that customers who use credit cards don't actually spend more. It turns out that convenience of payment is just one part of a customer's overall shopping experience. ... (See Study)

Using merchant accounts with third-party software -- Small business owners wanting financial software often choose Quicken. Now you can use Quicken to perform credit card transactions, too. ... (See Software)

What happens when you set up a merchant account? -- Some small-business owners avoid establishing merchant accounts for credit card processing because they feel intimidated by computer equipment. If you're one of these, it's time to get over that fear. ... (See Setting up)

Best privacy practices for businesses with merchant accounts -- Merchants need to take steps in order to guard their customers' credit card information. ... (See Data)

5 reasons why data security is a really big deal -- With online and offline identity theft on the rise, it's more important than ever to pay attention to data security and how it applies to your business. Here are some reasons why data security needs to be a top priority for your business. ... (See Data security)

How to accept credit cards with your iPhone -- Can you use your iPhone for credit card processing? With the help of iPhone applications, accepting credit cards on your iPhone is a snap. ... (See iPhone)

How the credit card interchange process works -- When you use a credit card to make a purchase, a large network of companies comes together to make it all happen. It's called the credit card interchange process -- the system by which credit card payments are processed. ... (See Interchange)

'Red Flags Rules' deadline extended again -- The implementation date for the 'Red Flags Rules,' which require merchants to have written plans to combat ID theft, has been pushed back again by the FTC to Aug. 1, 2009. ... (See Delay)

What merchants must know about PCI security standards -- PCI security standards help to ensure that credit card transaction processing runs smoothly in regards to protecting cardholder data. Merchants should familiarize themselves with the standards before accepting any of the major brands of cards. ... (See Security)

Capital One releases emergency checklist for businesses -- Capital One Small Business released a checklist of steps businesses should take to prepare for emergency situations, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and floods grows. ... (See Checklist)

House subcommittee debates card security standards -- A House subcommittee panel expressed doubt in a March 31 session that the current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) council requirements imposed on merchants significantly prevent electronic crimes. ... (See Security)

Merchant account terms: Glossary, definitions -- Merchant accounts have their own special language, and for the business owner accepting credit cards, they're crucial to know. ... (See Glossary)

FAQs about applying for a merchant account online -- Frequently asked questions about merchant accounts, which are easy to use, but sometimes tricky to set up. ... (See FAQ)

How merchant account transactions work -- This interactive guide to merchant account processing and transactions lays out, in simple fashion, each step, from the customer's credit card swipe to money in the businessperson's pocket. ... (See Interactive)

FTC delays 'Red Flags Rules' to May 1, 2009 -- Creditors and financial institutions granted merchants a six-month extension to comply with FTC anti-theft 'Red Flags Rules.' ... (See Rules)

'Red Flags Rules' require merchants to help fight ID theft -- On Nov. 1, 2008, credit card issuers and businesses that extend credit must establish policies -- called the Red Flags Rules -- to help detect fraud. ... (See Identity theft)

6 keys to finding the right merchant account for you -- Shopping around for a merchant account can really pay off. We'll take a look at what small business should know so they can find the best account for their needs. ... (See The right account)

Merchants struggle to secure user data, deter identity theft -- Merchants' battles to secure consumer credit card data never end. That's why the credit card industry imposes mandatory security standards on merchants, processors, manufacturers of PIN entry devices and application developers. ... (See ID theft)

Rules changing for merchants handling credit card data -- Safety concerns for consumers' credit card information prompt changes in the way businesses handle data. ... (See Changes)