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Products and features Products and features

Is your business mobile friendly? -- Many small merchants are saying "not now" to mobile payment technology. But are they missing out on business? ... (See Mobile)

Bitcoin: Another option for merchants -- Confused about what bitcoins are and about whether you should accept them as payment? Here's a primer ... (See Bitcoin)

5 ways your business can survive showrooming -- Mobile technology makes showrooming ("testing" a product in the store before buying it online) easier than ever. While some see it as a threat to small businesses, it doesn't have to be ... (See Showrooming)

Technology lets customers skip checkout line -- Long lines are an annoyance for customers. That's why some businesses are testing a variety of new checkout and ordering systems that help customers skip the wait ... (See Checkout)

Mobile gift cards can give small businesses an edge -- Mobile (aka digital) gift cards present merchants with an opportunity to gain an edge over big box competitors ... (See Mobile gift cards)

Options for streamlining your online checkout -- Competition is heating up among companies that streamline the check-out process for online merchants. Use our chart to find the right solution for your business ... (See Checkout)

ISIS mobile wallet makes official debut -- After months of speculation and delays, the Isis mobile wallet has launched in two test cities. Here's what merchants need to know about the buzzed-about product ... (See Isis)

Merchant cash advances: Good deal or necessary evil? -- If you can't get a traditional loan, a merchant cash advance can be a way to revive your business. But it can also drain it. Here's what to know before signing up ... (See Merchant cash advance)

New SpotPay mobile card reader takes swipe at competition -- SpotPay is the first mobile payment tool that financial institutions can offer directly to merchants. Will this stop merchants from turning to start-ups like Square? ... (See SpotPay)

Mobile payment app cheat sheet: A guide to merchants' many options -- The list of mobile payment apps just keeps getting longer. Use our chart to keep them all straight -- and to find the best one for you and your customers ... (See Mobile payments)

U.S. EMV roll-out doesn't mean merchants have to rush -- EMV card technology is getting rolled out in the U.S. Here's what you need to know about the deadlines -- and why you don't have to rush ... (See EMV)

Google Wallet makeover leaves merchants with yet another mobile payments choice to make -- Google touts its cloud-based digital wallet as a time-saver and wallet-replacer for shoppers. Yet it raises some questions and complications for merchants ... (See Google Wallet)

Terminal makers promise "future proof" products for merchants -- Digital payments. EMV. Mobile registers. For merchants, keeping up can be challenging -- and expensive. That's why some terminal makers are starting to tout their terminals as "future proof." ... (See Technology)

Merchant account guide for churches and houses of worship -- If your house of worship is thinking about taking plastic, passing around the offering plate won't be enough. You'll need to set up a merchant account to process the payments. ... (See Church)

Walmart snubs contactless payments -- but should small businesses? -- Walmart recently said it has no plans to support contactless payments. Yet moving toward contactless payments could pay off for smaller businesses ... (See Contactless payments)

Will VeriFone "SAIL" past its mobile payments competitors? -- Intrepid startups have been encroaching on traditional payment terminal makers' territory. Now, VeriFone is striking back at the competition with a new payments platform ... (See SAIL)

Merchant loyalty programs get digital makeover -- Loyalty programs have come a long way since the familiar buy-10-get-one-free punch cards. Now, merchants are using technology to keep customers coming back ... (See Loyalty programs)

Eventbrite enters portable register fray -- Portable register applications let merchants turn their phones and tablet computers into sleek point of sale systems. Eventbrite just launched its own app aimed at special events ... (See At The Door)

Mobile payments roundup: 5 apps to watch -- The mobile payments marketplace is getting crowded, with various players launching their own products. Here are five apps to watch -- and what merchants should know ... (See Mobile payments)

SXSWi: Mobile payment adoption hurdles; Isis launch -- Mobile payments haven't taken off like proponents had hoped, according to a SXSW Interactive panel. But the next wave of mobile payment platforms could change that ... (See Isis)

Etsy introduces alternative to merchant accounts -- Etsy recently announced that it's rolling out a new “direct checkout” system to U.S.-based sellers that will let them use Etsy as their credit card processor ... (See Etsy) A new payment option from Visa -- Visa plans to launch a new online service next spring that allows customers to pay for goods and services without entering their account information online ... (See Online payments)

Square updates Card Case, reinvents retailing -- Imagine accepting a customer's payment simply by typing in their name on an iPad. With Square's latest update to Card Case, that's now a reality for some ... (See Card Case)

Affinity introduces a merchant-friendly daily deals program -- The loyalty program provider, Affinity Solutions, has teamed up with Sovereign Bank on a new type of daily deals program that allows merchants to track the effectiveness of discounts and target likely customers ... (See Daily deals)

MasterCard urges ATM owners to upgrade to EMV technology -- MasterCard is throwing its weight behind chip and PIN. The network is urging member bank ATM owners to upgrade their ATMs to accept chip cards by April 2013 ... (See EMV)

A new way to accept credit cards -- with a webcam -- Payment companies such as Jumio are introducing innovative new tools that securely read credit cards with a simple click of a webcam. ... (See Netswipe)

Merchant-funded rewards programs: Worth your participation? -- Merchant-funded rewards programs may be a short cut to customers and more effective than media advertising campaigns, say some experts ... (See Rewards)

What You Need to Know About Equifax's New Business-Scoring Model -- Equifax has just launched a new credit-scoring system that reflects the new economic realities in the small business environment. Here's what you need to know about it ... (See Score)

Card Case, Register and Google Wallet: What You Need to Know -- Google and Square both announced last month new mobile wallets that they say can't be ignored. Here's what you need to know about the new systems ... (See Mobile)

5 more reasons why setting up a mobile payment system is worth the expense -- Many merchants are reluctant to invest time and money into setting up a mobile payment system. But the evidence suggests that mobile payments could be worth the extra trouble ... (See Payment)

Study: Get ready for mobile wallets -- Mobile payments are poised to become a major player in credit card transactions. Here's how to take advantage of the new payment landscape ... (See Mobile wallets)

Should you switch to a mobile payment system? -- Mobile payment systems make sense for mobile businesses because they need their equipment to be portable. But could regular brick-and-mortar establishments benefit too? Experts say: Maybe ... (See Mobile payment)

Are the security concerns over Square's mobile payment device valid? -- Mobile upstart Square has created an affordable solution that allows regular folks to accept credit card payments, not just merchants. But VeriFone, a long-established competitor, has raised some security concerns over Square's device ... (See Mobile payment security)

Time for a new merchant account? -- It may be time to do some rethinking of your business. If you don't already accept credit cards, perhaps this is the time to consider taking the leap. These tips can help. ... (See Merchant account)

Fighting high card processing fees with store debit cards -- Credit card processing fees have been eating away at merchants' profits for years, but change is in the air ... (See Card processing fees)

5 mistakes made with merchant accounts -- These are some of the most common -- and most easily avoidable -- mistakes business owners make with merchant accounts ... (See Merchant account mistakes)

High-risk merchant account mean higher fees for merchants -- Some businesses fall into a high-risk category, which could involve higher fees when opening a merchant account ... (See High-risk merchant accounts)

8 reasons why a mobile merchant account is for you -- Whether you run an online-only business or a brick-and-mortar store, or something else entirely, a mobile merchant account can provide welcome flexibility. ... (See Mobile)

Comparing the various types of merchant accounts -- There are countless different merchant account types -- but just how are they different? And which one is for you? ... (See Merchant accounts)

PayPal: Is it enough merchant account for your business? -- PayPal may be one of the best options for a merchant account for a growing business. But consider the following pros and cons of PayPal, and benefits of opening a second merchant account. ... (See PayPal)

More payment options for merchants on eBay -- For the first time, eBay is allowing multiple payment processors to manage transactions for sellers on the site ... (See eBay)

The scoop on multi-currency merchant accounts -- Multi-currency merchant accounts are of great benefit to merchants who wish to increase sales and brand awareness. There are some concerns with keeping such an account, however, including both the cost involved and the risk of fraud. ... (See Currency)

Can you afford your merchant account? -- Find out what minimums and fees need to be calculated in order to figure out if your business will be able to afford a merchant account. ... (See Costs)

5 ways to know you've outgrown your merchant account -- Here are signs that you may need to start looking for a new merchant account ... (See Merchant account)

Mail order merchant accounts: What they are, how they work -- To sell by mail order in the 21st century, you'll need a mail order merchant account that meets the payment desires of an array of customers. ... (See Mail order)

Credit card usage decline slowing, study shows -- After 11 straight quarters of decline, consumer credit card use continues to fall for restaurants and retailers -- but at a slower pace than in recent months, according to a new study from Capital Access Network. ... (See Usage)

Video: How does credit card processing really work? -- You've got your merchant account, you accept credit cards and you know your business would be hit hard if you couldn't. But just how much do you know about how those credit cards actually get processed? We break it down for you. ... (See Processing)

5 things to remember about mobile credit card processing -- While applications, or apps, have made it possible for small businesses to process credit card transactions using their Apple iPhones or other smart phones, there are a few drawbacks to using this technology. ... (See Mobile)

Trade group offers credit card fee calculator -- The National Restaurant Association is assisting restaurateurs with a card processing rate calculator, leading the way for other business associations to develop similar tools. ... (See Calculator)

Your merchant account's been shut down -- now what? -- Providers will shut down a merchant account for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are ways to get them reopened. ... (See Shut down)

5 reasons mobile credit card processing is good for you -- Mobile credit card processing has made it easier for people to do business outside of brick-and-mortar stores. Merchants can benefit in a variety of ways from this new method of collecting funds. ... (See Processing)

Pushing your merchant account's limit -- As a business owner, you are trying to increase sales and customer interest, but going too far, too fast, could result in problems with your merchant account. ... (See Limits)

Finding the right merchant account for you -- With so many merchant account providers to choose from, how do you find one that's right for you? Here are some quick points to consider. ... (See Accounts)

10 things you must know about merchant account fees -- One of the most important parts of a merchant account agreement is the fee structure. Merchants should know the 10 basic types of fees before opening a merchant account. ... (See Fees)

Heartland releases new swipe terminals -- New debit and credit card swipe terminals have been introduced by Heartland Payment Systems that offer E3, a security technology that encrypts transaction data. ... (See Heartland)

Which merchant account type is best for my online business? -- When choosing a merchant account for your online business, you need to determine what services are included, such as shopping cart software. You should also compare the fees such as the discount rate and transaction fee. Here's more of what you should look for. ... (See Online)

Visa expands small business savings program -- In Visa's quest to acquire new customers and to increase existing business credit card sales, it has introduced a new discount credit-processing program for small business customers: Visa SavingsEdge. ... (See Visa)

Should you consider a multifunction POS terminal? -- Multifunction point-of-sale (or POS) terminals offer many advantages over traditional ones, including cost savings, customer convenience and PCI-standards compliance ... (See Terminal)

Why some don't accept plastic -- but should reconsider -- Some small business owners, for one reason or another, do not accept plastic as a form of payment. If you're one of them, here's why you should reconsider. ... (See Plastic)

7 fees to know about when shopping for merchant accounts -- Merchant accounts can differ greatly based on what fees and charges are incurred during their setup and use. When shopping for a merchant account, be sure to look at several providers before making a decision. ... (See Merchant account)

Combining merchant accounts and iPhone apps -- Merchants can now do business anywhere and at anytime with iPhone and iPod Touch apps that process credit cards. ... (See iPhone)

7 things you must know about credit card processing -- Credit card processing can be a complex thing. Here are seven key things that every merchant should know about it. ... (See Credit cards)

Can't get a merchant account? Here's what to do -- It can be extremely frustrating and discouraging to have your merchant account application denied. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help you get approved. ... (See Rejected)

What is a merchant account? -- Most business owners realize a merchant account is necessary for credit card processing, but what exactly is a merchant account, and how will it benefit your business? ... (See Merchant)

How to pick a payment gateway provider -- Online merchants should understand what a payment gateway is, why it is important, and how to select the right one for their business. ... (See Gateway)

Which business credit score should you get? -- Business credit is often measured with a Paydex score. It is important that a high Paydex score be maintained so that your business can obtain easy credit at low interest rates. ... (See Business score)

Accepting credit cards is crucial for your Internet business -- As a business owner with an Internet presence, you need to be able to accept credit cards on your Web site. Not only does the ability to accept credit cards online grow your potential customer base, but also it will make things easier on your customers. ... (See Online)

How telephone merchant accounts work -- Not everyone uses the Internet, at least not yet. A telephone merchant account system helps a business owner reach customers who don't go online or who don't trust making credit card transactions online ... (See Phone accounts)

4 tips for cutting credit card processing fees -- There are a few things that you can do to reduce your credit card processing fees and maximize the amount of money that your customers spend. ... (See Tips)

4 tips for keeping credit card processing fees low -- There are a few things that you can do to reduce your credit card processing fees and maximize the amount of money that your customers spend. ... (See Tips)

How to pick, use small business credit cards -- Learn about how to choose small business credit cards and how to use them more effectively when making purchases and reaping rewards. ... (See Small biz)

New year, new merchant account? -- During the new year, while you are looking over ways to improve your business, don't forget to take a look at your merchant accounts and see if you are utilizing the right products ... (See New year)

Credit card processing iPhone apps keep coming -- At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, credit card processing iPhone apps will be in the spotlight. ... (See iPhone)

5 big mistakes to make when choosing a merchant account -- You might be pumped and ready to start selling online, but it is important to avoid these merchant account mistakes that are so common with business owners today. ... (See Mistakes)

6 questions you must ask before you pick a merchant account -- Businesses must understand that it is important to know all of the details about the merchant account vendors seeking to supply services to their business. Here are some key questions to ask. ... (See Questions)

Breaking down the various types of merchant accounts -- What your merchant account does and doesn't do depends on what type of account you have ... (See Breakdown)

Card processing apps for iPhone becoming more common -- Credit card processing apps for iPhone and iPod Touch are allowing merchants to cut costs and accept card payments away from the business home location. ... (See iPhone)

Square mobile payment tool now available for iPhone -- Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has introduces the world to Square, which will turn your iPhone into a portable credit card acceptance device. Square has the potential to revolutionize the way small businesses work. ... (See Square)

Going global with a merchant account -- If you have not taken your business international, then now is the time to go global. Don't worry about how you will get paid for an international sale; your merchant account will handle it for you. ... (See Global)

PayPal emerges as strong merchant account option -- Businesses across the Web accept PayPal. But can PayPal really replace your existing credit card merchant account? It sure can. ... (See PayPal)

How wireless merchant accounts work -- From the new Square to the many other credit-card-related smartphone apps that have appeared in recent months, 2010 has seen a huge expansion of use of wireless technology. And if your business isn't up to speed, you could cost yourself money. ... (See Wireless)

Chase offers new small business cards -- The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Chase will soon offer small-business credit cards. According to the report, "J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.'s Chase Card Services plans to formally launch four cards aimed at small-business owners..." ... (See Chase)

Follow these best practices for accepting contactless payments -- Contactless payments have grown significantly in popularity over the last few years, and are expected to continue growing as the public becomes more reliant on credit cards and fobs rather than cash and checks. Here's how to handle them. ... (See Contactless)

Which merchant account type is best for my small business? -- Different types of merchant accounts allow you to process credit card payments in different ways. These include retail, Internet, wireless, telephone and mail order merchant accounts. Choosing the right type of account will save you money on fees. ... (See Small biz)

Financial services company unveils new safeguard vs. ID theft -- PSCU Financial Services of St. Petersburg, Florida now uses CreditLock, a service that lets customers at over 600 credit unions lock and unlock their credit cards with a quick phone call. ... (See CreditLock)

PayPal partners with wireless firm to create card processing tool -- A newly announced partnership between Transaction Wireless and PayPal means owners of most cell phones can now process credit cards remotely. ... (See PayPal)

How retail merchant accounts work -- An overview of how retail merchant accounts work, the hardware you need and the options you should consider for your business. ... (See Retail accounts)

What to watch for when switching merchant accounts -- Your merchant account for credit card processing is a vital tool for doing business; if you aren't fully satisfied with your current merchant account, it may be time to shop around. After all, competition to provide and oversee your merchant account is high. If your current provider isn't up to snuff, plenty of others want your business. ... (See Switching)

Merchant account provider BluePay continues buying spree -- BluePay, a credit card processing company and merchant account provider, has acquired Landmark Merchant Solutions LLC, its sixth acquisition in a little over a year. ... (See BluePay)

'World's largest online merchant network' launched -- What would you give for a free merchant account? launches a free basic option for credit card processing, but is it worth it? ... (See Largest)

Merchant account provider creates new BlackBerry app -- If you are looking for "on the go" merchant account solutions, Merchant Warehouse's MerchantWare Mobile might be a welcome alternative. ... (See BlackBerry)

Compare small business payment methods -- Gone are the days when the one-person company operating out of the spare room had but two options: cash or checks. Today's in-home entrepreneurs have more choices, from credit cards to PayPal to branded "shopping cart" programs. ... (See Payments)

How tokenization works -- Tokenization is a way to eliminate security concerns about the storage and transmission of sensitive credit card data over a merchant's network. Click through the graphic to learn how it works. ... (See Tokenization)

Merchants eye mobile phones to transact card payments -- Smart-phone credit card transaction processing applications are coming online, offering convenience for consumers and the potential for higher sales to businesses. ... (See Software)

A brief history of merchant accounts -- Merchant accounts can revolutionize your business by offering more technologically advanced financial services for your customers' ever-changing needs. However, merchant accounts have changed over the years as well. Here's a look at how the merchant account business got to where it is currently. ... (See Accounts)

Merchants use high-tech tools to reward loyal customers -- Rewards-based loyalty programs have gone digital. New customer benefits such as sale-price refunds and mobile coupons have taken the retail industry by storm. ... (See Rewards)

What is a virtual merchant account? -- Use a virtual merchant account to increase sales and give customers what they want: an easy and secure way to purchase your goods and services when and where they want. ... (See Virtual)

Get answers to your questions about PCI data security standards -- Small business owners, with the help of merchant account providers and trade associations, can learn more about PCI standards for data security. ... (See PCI standards)

Study: Credit cards may not really increase spending -- A recent study found that customers who use credit cards don't actually spend more. It turns out that convenience of payment is just one part of a customer's overall shopping experience. ... (See Study)

Using merchant accounts with third-party software -- Small business owners wanting financial software often choose Quicken. Now you can use Quicken to perform credit card transactions, too. ... (See Software)

When should you change merchant accounts? -- Here are some signs that your current merchant account provider just isn't that into you. ... (See Change)

What happens when you set up a merchant account? -- Some small-business owners avoid establishing merchant accounts for credit card processing because they feel intimidated by computer equipment. If you're one of these, it's time to get over that fear. ... (See Setting up)

Alternatives to merchant accounts abound -- Online companies that provide easy alternatives to traditional merchant accounts have revolutionized credit card processing for the better. ... (See Alternatives)

What are interchange fees, and why should you care? -- Each time merchants choose to make a sale via credit cards, an interchange fee is charged for credit card processing. It's crucially important to make sure you know about them, so you can maximize your profits. ... (See Fees)

Does one merchant account work for all types of credit cards? -- A business wants its customers to be able to buy goods and services, no matter which credit card they have. But how does a business owner know which merchant account provider to use? ... (See Cards)

What is a merchant account? -- A merchant account allows a business to accept credit cards and may offer other merchant services, too. A merchant account can be obtained through a credit card company, a bank or another payment processing provider. ... (See Merchant accounts)

What you need to know about third party merchant accounts -- Qualifying for merchant accounts can be difficult for new and small businesses to do. They also can be expensive to maintain. One option that business owners have is to use third party merchant accounts. ... (See Third party accounts)

Consider these factors when selecting a merchant account -- Everything else aside, you will want your ability to accept credit card payments to be versatile. You're convinced that your business needs a merchant account telephone system for credit card processing. You have many merchant accounts from which to choose; now your task is to pick the best one for your needs. ... (See Choosing an account)

How to accept credit cards with your iPhone -- Can you use your iPhone for credit card processing? With the help of iPhone applications, accepting credit cards on your iPhone is a snap. ... (See iPhone)

How the credit card interchange process works -- When you use a credit card to make a purchase, a large network of companies comes together to make it all happen. It's called the credit card interchange process -- the system by which credit card payments are processed. ... (See Interchange)

What to look for when choosing the right merchant account company -- Finding a merchant account should not be a rush job. Once you've decided that your business needs to accept credit card payments, take your time to evaluate the costs and services offered for merchant accounts from a variety of credit card processing companies. ... (See Choosing)

What's a payment gateway and how does it work? -- Do you conduct business online? If so, a payment gateway account might be beneficial for accepting credit cards. A payment gateway is simply an authorization service for Internet credit card transactions, and is used to facilitate communication between the business, the card issuer and the business's bank. ... (See Gateways)

Breaking down the pluses, minuses of alternative payment systems -- When deciding how your business will accept credit card payments online, you might want to consider an alternative payment system. But how do you know what is best for your business? Alternative payment systems, for example, provide business owners with different ways to accept credit cards online. ... (See Alternatives)

Which merchant account is right for your home-based business? -- With today's challenging economy, many who have been unemployed for a substantial amount of time are considering starting up a small business at their home. However, it's not easy. ... (See Home business)

How Internet merchant accounts work -- You can increase online sales and profits by accepting credit cards on auction sites or your own Web site. No matter if you have your own merchant Web site or simply sell stuff on eBay, credit cards can become a vital part of your business. ... (See How Internet merchant accounts work)

Merchant account terms: Glossary, definitions -- Merchant accounts have their own special language, and for the business owner accepting credit cards, they're crucial to know. ... (See Glossary)

FAQs about applying for a merchant account online -- Frequently asked questions about merchant accounts, which are easy to use, but sometimes tricky to set up. ... (See FAQ)

How merchant account transactions work -- This interactive guide to merchant account processing and transactions lays out, in simple fashion, each step, from the customer's credit card swipe to money in the businessperson's pocket. ... (See Interactive)

'Red Flags Rules' require merchants to help fight ID theft -- On Nov. 1, 2008, credit card issuers and businesses that extend credit must establish policies -- called the Red Flags Rules -- to help detect fraud. ... (See Identity theft)

6 keys to finding the right merchant account for you -- Shopping around for a merchant account can really pay off. We'll take a look at what small business should know so they can find the best account for their needs. ... (See The right account)

5 ways to prevent employee credit card abuse -- Here are 5 steps small business owners can take to prevent unauthorized credit card purchases by employees. ... (more)

Merchants struggle to secure user data, deter identity theft -- Merchants' battles to secure consumer credit card data never end. That's why the credit card industry imposes mandatory security standards on merchants, processors, manufacturers of PIN entry devices and application developers. ... (See ID theft)

Rules changing for merchants handling credit card data -- Safety concerns for consumers' credit card information prompt changes in the way businesses handle data. ... (See Changes)

Cashless businesses slowly catch on -- An Oregon cafe is one of a small but growing number of businesses that accepts credit cards or debit cards only. No cash. ... (See Cashless)

Merchant account interchange fees affect businesses, card issuers -- Increasingly controversial interchange fees ultimately paid by consumers. ... (more)