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Costs of merchant accounts to process credit cards at your business

Your business may be interested in taking credit cards, but what do the services cost?

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Deciding whether flat-rate pricing is for you -- Flat-rate pricing in card processing simple and easy to understand, but there are also disadvantages, such as possible higher costs. Learn more about the pluses, minuses and little-known facts ... (See Flat-rate pricing)

Processing terms you should know before negotiating -- You should know these card processing terms before entering into negotiations. ... (See Card processing fees)

4 things to know about taking payments over the phone -- Accepting card payments by phone is necessary for catalogs and food order businesses. Yet there are some risks -- and costs -- phone order merchants take on ... (See Phone orders)

Options for streamlining your online checkout -- Competition is heating up among companies that streamline the check-out process for online merchants. Use our chart to find the right solution for your business ... (See Checkout)

How to decode your merchant account rate -- The oft-quoted discount rate will likely apply to most of your transactions -- but not all of them. Here are the concepts you need to grasp to truly understand your rate. ... (See Merchant account rate)

Requiring a minimum credit card charge: You can do it -- but should you? -- Want to hang a sign near your register asking that all credit card purchases adhere to a $10 minimum to save on card processing costs? Is that legal or not? ... (See Minimum purchase)

5 tips for fielding merchant services sales pitches -- It may be hard to discern the truth from a really good sales pitch from a merchant service provider. Here are some tips for avoiding sales traps and finding the (real) good deals. ... (See Sales pitches)

Mobile payment app cheat sheet: A guide to merchants' many options -- The list of mobile payment apps just keeps getting longer. Use our chart to keep them all straight -- and to find the best one for you and your customers ... (See Mobile payments)

Can your business afford to go cash-only? -- Plastic is convenient for consumers, but often expensive for merchants. So some small businesses say "no" to plastic and "yes" to good old-fashioned cash ... (See Cash-only)

Terminal makers promise "future proof" products for merchants -- Digital payments. EMV. Mobile registers. For merchants, keeping up can be challenging -- and expensive. That's why some terminal makers are starting to tout their terminals as "future proof." ... (See Technology)

Walmart, Target reject Visa-MasterCard settlement. Should your business follow suit? -- Some big-box retailers are saying, "No thank you," to the recent settlement between retailers and credit card companies. But what's best for your business and customers? ... (See Lawsuit)

Merchant account guide for small ecommerce sellers -- Whether you're selling crafts, auctioning antiques or hawking your skills as a website designer, your needs as a small online business are different from those of brick-and-mortar ones ... (See Ecommerce)

A guide to merchants' E-check options -- Plastic is becoming the norm, but some customers still prefer to pay by check. E-checks can help merchants eliminate some of the extra legwork involved in paper check acceptance ... (See E-checks)

Merchant account guide for churches and houses of worship -- If your house of worship is thinking about taking plastic, passing around the offering plate won't be enough. You'll need to set up a merchant account to process the payments. ... (See Church)

Walmart snubs contactless payments -- but should small businesses? -- Walmart recently said it has no plans to support contactless payments. Yet moving toward contactless payments could pay off for smaller businesses ... (See Contactless payments)

Small business owners find silver lining in cloud-based POS systems -- Storing your data in the cloud could save your business time and money -- yet there are risks to consider before adopting a cloud-based POS system ... (See Merchant equipment)

Visa's new fee causing concern and controversy -- If credit card processing fees weren't already taking a bite out of merchants' bottom lines, they can expect to incur yet another fee introduced in early April ... (See FANF fee)

Swipe fees fueling rising costs at the pump -- Swipe fees can add significantly to the costs of filling up at the pump. Yet merchants' hands are tied, according to a recent report from the National Association of Convenience Store Owners ... (See Fees)

Converting cash customers to debit users -- What motivates customers to switch from cash to debit? A recent study gives some answers -- and shows why merchants might want to encourage debit card use ... (See Cash or debit)

Five months in, how is the Durbin Amendment affecting banks, merchants and consumers? -- The Durbin Amendment capped debit card transaction fees. Here's a look at how consumers, merchants and banks are thriving in a post-Durbin world. ... (See Durbin)

Etsy introduces alternative to merchant accounts -- Etsy recently announced that it's rolling out a new “direct checkout” system to U.S.-based sellers that will let them use Etsy as their credit card processor ... (See Etsy)

What online merchants need to know about the new 1099-K -- A new tax form, the 1099-K, is making its debut for Tax Year 2011 and will affect many merchants who do business online. Here's what online sellers need to know ... (See 1099-K)

New IRS rules could lead to fee gouging -- A recent IRS reporting law could cost processors extra money. And some industry experts are worried those costs could get passed on to merchants ... (See IRS fee)

Will new rules for Visa and MasterCard really help merchants? -- The Department of Justice's settlement with Visa and MasterCard is a win for merchants. But some small businesses might not be able to take full advantage ... (See Swipe fees)

7 reasons to accept smart cards -- Still weary of moving to chip-and-PIN? Here are seven reasons why installing new terminals and accepting smart cards will benefit your business ... (See Smart cards)

Interchange-plus savings could be undermined by excessive fees -- Just because you've opted for interchange-plus pricing, don't stop monitoring your merchant statements for excessive markups and fees, say experts ... (See Interchange-plus)

Small-dollar debit card transactions have become pricy to process -- If you process a large volume of small dollar debit card transactions, you may be in for sticker shock the next time you look at your books ... (See Transaction fees)

Study: Consumers affected by debit card fees will likely turn to credit -- Consumers affected by the new debit card usage fees imposed by some banks are likely to switch to credit instead, according to a recent study ... (See Debit card usage fees)

Some merchants still reluctant to steer customers toward debit -- Debit card swipe fees are now capped at 21 cents. However, many merchants still don't plan to steer customers away from credit and toward debit ... (See POS steering)

MasterCard urges ATM owners to upgrade to EMV technology -- MasterCard is throwing its weight behind chip and PIN. The network is urging member bank ATM owners to upgrade their ATMs to accept chip cards by April 2013 ... (See EMV)

A new way to accept credit cards -- with a webcam -- Payment companies such as Jumio are introducing innovative new tools that securely read credit cards with a simple click of a webcam. ... (See Netswipe)

Study: Merchants report waning confidence in the economy -- The National Small Business Association (NSBA) 2011 Mid-Year Economic Report found that small business owners are losing confidence in the economy, struggling to get financing and sweating over their prospects for 2012 ... (See Report)

A guide to Visa's merchant incentives for chip-and-PIN compliance -- Visa announced earlier this month that it will begin pushing for a U.S. migration toward chip-and-PIN (EMV) credit cards. Here's what you need to know about Visa's plan to encourage merchants to upgrade their terminals and accept chip-and-PIN credit cards ... (See EMV)

After the Durbin Amendment: A new era in debit card transactions -- Beginning Oct. 1, 2011, debit card interchange fees will be significantly cheaper for merchants. Here's what you can do to maximize the benefit to your bottom-line ... (See Fees)

How to make sure you get your debit card fee reduction -- Beginning in October, banks will be required to lower their debit card swipe fees. But merchant account providers won't be required to pass on those savings to merchants. Here's what you need to do to claim your fee break ... (See Debit)

Fed pivots on interchange fees -- The Federal Reserve recently surprised merchants by changing the recommended cap on interchange fees from 12 cents to 21 cents per transaction ... (See Debit)

Back to School, Part 1: The major players in a credit card transaction -- In part 1 of our "Back to School" series, we look at the five key players who move a credit card transaction from your customer's first swipe to your business's bank account ... (See Part 1)

Back to School, Part 2: Credit card processing, 4 key issues -- In Part 2 of our "Back to School" series, we look at four key issues that merchants should consider before choosing a credit card processing system ... (See Part 2)

What You Need to Know About Equifax's New Business-Scoring Model -- Equifax has just launched a new credit-scoring system that reflects the new economic realities in the small business environment. Here's what you need to know about it ... (See Score)

Chargeback troubles? Fight back with these key steps -- Chargebacks are costly, time consuming and stressful. But they can often be prevented -- as long as you are vigilant with your business. Here are 5 ways that you can prevent a costly chargeback ... (See Chargebacks)

How to decode your merchant payment processing statement -- You don't need a master's degree in statistical analysis to decipher your merchant payment processing statement -- it just seems that way ... (See Statement)

5 more reasons why setting up a mobile payment system is worth the expense -- Many merchants are reluctant to invest time and money into setting up a mobile payment system. But the evidence suggests that mobile payments could be worth the extra trouble ... (See Payment)

5 ways to reassure your customers about payment security -- Want to keep your customers happy? Convince them that you value their privacy even more than they do. Here are 5 tips for reassuring your customers that their credit card information is secure ... (See Customer service)

Should you switch to a mobile payment system? -- Mobile payment systems make sense for mobile businesses because they need their equipment to be portable. But could regular brick-and-mortar establishments benefit too? Experts say: Maybe ... (See Mobile payment)

5 ways to boost your business, despite low consumer confidence -- Consumer sentiment plummeted in March, foretelling new challenges for merchants. Here are 5 ideas for surviving and thriving in a difficult climate ... (See Consumer sentiment)

Fighting high card processing fees with store debit cards -- Credit card processing fees have been eating away at merchants' profits for years, but change is in the air ... (See Card processing fees)

High-risk merchant account mean higher fees for merchants -- Some businesses fall into a high-risk category, which could involve higher fees when opening a merchant account ... (See High-risk merchant accounts)

8 reasons why a mobile merchant account is for you -- Whether you run an online-only business or a brick-and-mortar store, or something else entirely, a mobile merchant account can provide welcome flexibility. ... (See Mobile)

How to keep merchant account fees low -- Fees are an unpleasant part of dealing with merchant accounts. However, with a little homework and extra knowledge, you can likely help keep them manageable ... (more)

More payment options for merchants on eBay -- For the first time, eBay is allowing multiple payment processors to manage transactions for sellers on the site ... (See eBay)

Can you afford your merchant account? -- Find out what minimums and fees need to be calculated in order to figure out if your business will be able to afford a merchant account. ... (See Costs)

5 ways to know you've outgrown your merchant account -- Here are signs that you may need to start looking for a new merchant account ... (See Merchant account)

Credit card rules for merchants 'anticompetitive,' says Justice Department -- The rules merchants must follow in order to accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard credit cards in their businesses are "anticompetitive," according to a civil antitrust lawsuit filed Monday by the U.S. Justice Department. ... (See Rules)

Mail order merchant accounts: What they are, how they work -- To sell by mail order in the 21st century, you'll need a mail order merchant account that meets the payment desires of an array of customers. ... (See Mail order)

How long should my merchant account contract last? -- Avoid the pitfalls of account termination fees by learning about the different types of merchant account contracts. ... (See Contracts)

5 things to remember about mobile credit card processing -- While applications, or apps, have made it possible for small businesses to process credit card transactions using their Apple iPhones or other smart phones, there are a few drawbacks to using this technology. ... (See Mobile)

Trade group offers credit card fee calculator -- The National Restaurant Association is assisting restaurateurs with a card processing rate calculator, leading the way for other business associations to develop similar tools. ... (See Calculator)

Your merchant account's been shut down -- now what? -- Providers will shut down a merchant account for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are ways to get them reopened. ... (See Shut down)

Pushing your merchant account's limit -- As a business owner, you are trying to increase sales and customer interest, but going too far, too fast, could result in problems with your merchant account. ... (See Limits)

Finding the right merchant account for you -- With so many merchant account providers to choose from, how do you find one that's right for you? Here are some quick points to consider. ... (See Accounts)

10 things you must know about merchant account fees -- One of the most important parts of a merchant account agreement is the fee structure. Merchants should know the 10 basic types of fees before opening a merchant account. ... (See Fees)

Which merchant account type is best for my online business? -- When choosing a merchant account for your online business, you need to determine what services are included, such as shopping cart software. You should also compare the fees such as the discount rate and transaction fee. Here's more of what you should look for. ... (See Online)

Visa expands small business savings program -- In Visa's quest to acquire new customers and to increase existing business credit card sales, it has introduced a new discount credit-processing program for small business customers: Visa SavingsEdge. ... (See Visa)

Why some don't accept plastic -- but should reconsider -- Some small business owners, for one reason or another, do not accept plastic as a form of payment. If you're one of them, here's why you should reconsider. ... (See Plastic)

Combining merchant accounts and iPhone apps -- Merchants can now do business anywhere and at anytime with iPhone and iPod Touch apps that process credit cards. ... (See iPhone)

7 things you must know about credit card processing -- Credit card processing can be a complex thing. Here are seven key things that every merchant should know about it. ... (See Credit cards)

What is a merchant account? -- Most business owners realize a merchant account is necessary for credit card processing, but what exactly is a merchant account, and how will it benefit your business? ... (See Merchant)

Will credit card reform mean higher interchange fees? -- Though consumers gained protections from the credit card companies with recent legislation, experts say a rise in interchange fees will probably be the result. ... (See Reform)

How to pick a payment gateway provider -- Online merchants should understand what a payment gateway is, why it is important, and how to select the right one for their business. ... (See Gateway)

How telephone merchant accounts work -- Not everyone uses the Internet, at least not yet. A telephone merchant account system helps a business owner reach customers who don't go online or who don't trust making credit card transactions online ... (See Phone accounts)

New rules bring merchants new credit reporting burdens -- If a consumer contacts your company with a complaint about information that you have supplied to a credit bureau, you will be obligated to investigate under new federal rules that take effect on July 1. ... (See FACTA)

California officials examine credit card interchange fees -- Various government and private reports on rising interchange merchant fees have caused officials in California and Washington to consider solutions to help small businesses and consumers. ... (See Fees)

4 tips for cutting credit card processing fees -- There are a few things that you can do to reduce your credit card processing fees and maximize the amount of money that your customers spend. ... (See Tips)

4 tips for keeping credit card processing fees low -- There are a few things that you can do to reduce your credit card processing fees and maximize the amount of money that your customers spend. ... (See Tips)

FBI warns small businesses about rising cybercrime dangers -- Online banking might not be as safe as you thought. The ABA and FBI are encouraging small business owners to be vigilant about online financial transactions. ... (See Cybercrime)

How to pick, use small business credit cards -- Learn about how to choose small business credit cards and how to use them more effectively when making purchases and reaping rewards. ... (See Small biz)

New year, new merchant account? -- During the new year, while you are looking over ways to improve your business, don't forget to take a look at your merchant accounts and see if you are utilizing the right products ... (See New year)

Credit card processing iPhone apps keep coming -- At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, credit card processing iPhone apps will be in the spotlight. ... (See iPhone)

5 big mistakes to make when choosing a merchant account -- You might be pumped and ready to start selling online, but it is important to avoid these merchant account mistakes that are so common with business owners today. ... (See Mistakes)

6 questions you must ask before you pick a merchant account -- Businesses must understand that it is important to know all of the details about the merchant account vendors seeking to supply services to their business. Here are some key questions to ask. ... (See Questions)

Card processing apps for iPhone becoming more common -- Credit card processing apps for iPhone and iPod Touch are allowing merchants to cut costs and accept card payments away from the business home location. ... (See iPhone)

Square mobile payment tool now available for iPhone -- Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has introduces the world to Square, which will turn your iPhone into a portable credit card acceptance device. Square has the potential to revolutionize the way small businesses work. ... (See Square)

Going global with a merchant account -- If you have not taken your business international, then now is the time to go global. Don't worry about how you will get paid for an international sale; your merchant account will handle it for you. ... (See Global)

Will Congress curb merchant fees? -- With all of the reforms in the credit card industry to ensure fairer interest rate charges and more responsible lending, will the tables soon turn to offer businesses relief from credit card processing fees? ... (See Congress)

PayPal emerges as strong merchant account option -- Businesses across the Web accept PayPal. But can PayPal really replace your existing credit card merchant account? It sure can. ... (See PayPal)

United faces protests for move to shift card fees -- Mired in the economic crisis and facing increasing financial uncertainty, United Airlines recognizes the burden of credit cards and merchant accounts, and has decided that travel agents should bear the brunt of those costs instead. ... (See United)

Chase offers new small business cards -- The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Chase will soon offer small-business credit cards. According to the report, "J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.'s Chase Card Services plans to formally launch four cards aimed at small-business owners..." ... (See Chase)

U.S. merchant fees higher than those in other nations -- Recent credit card legislation sought to make credit card companies more transparent. The end result was that credit card companies can't arbitrarily raise interest rates or charge consumers hidden fees. But what about merchants? ... (See Fees)

Which merchant account type is best for my small business? -- Different types of merchant accounts allow you to process credit card payments in different ways. These include retail, Internet, wireless, telephone and mail order merchant accounts. Choosing the right type of account will save you money on fees. ... (See Small biz)

So many merchant account types -- which should I choose? -- A merchant account gives a business credit card processing capabilities. There are five main types of merchant accounts: retail merchant accounts, internet merchant accounts, wireless merchant accounts and mail order merchant accounts. ... (See Merchant account)

Financial services company unveils new safeguard vs. ID theft -- PSCU Financial Services of St. Petersburg, Florida now uses CreditLock, a service that lets customers at over 600 credit unions lock and unlock their credit cards with a quick phone call. ... (See CreditLock)

Hacker pleads guilty to giant ID theft; learn how to protect yourself -- Ehud Tenenbaum, also known as "The Analyzer," recently pleaded guilty to a single count of credit card fraud that stemmed from a more than $10 million theft of credit card numbers. ... (See Hacker)

4 steps to help you keep credit card processing fees low -- Merchant account providers charge fees for payments made using credit cards. These merchant account fees can really add up, making profits from credit card transactions less. Here's the scoop on how to keep your credit card fees lower. ... (See Fees)

How retail merchant accounts work -- An overview of how retail merchant accounts work, the hardware you need and the options you should consider for your business. ... (See Retail accounts)

It's never too early to plan for the holidays -- Black Friday is the launch date for the Christmas holiday shopping season. Smart merchants understand that planning for this season can make the difference between having a profitable year or a loss, so don't wait. ... (See Holidays)

Merchant accounts victimized by hackers' unusual scheme -- Even with the data encryption methods currently in place, hackers still have found a fairly large loophole in the credit card processing system. By exploiting merchant accounts, unscrupulous individuals can commit credit card fraud without ever stepping into a place of business. ... (See Hackers)

'World's largest online merchant network' launched -- What would you give for a free merchant account? launches a free basic option for credit card processing, but is it worth it? ... (See Largest)

United Airlines shifts credit card merchant processing to travel agents -- United Airlines has informed some travel agents that they no longer will have access to United's merchant processing system for credit card purchases. The impact of this remains to be seen. ... (See Travel)

Merchant account provider creates new BlackBerry app -- If you are looking for "on the go" merchant account solutions, Merchant Warehouse's MerchantWare Mobile might be a welcome alternative. ... (See BlackBerry)

Compare small business payment methods -- Gone are the days when the one-person company operating out of the spare room had but two options: cash or checks. Today's in-home entrepreneurs have more choices, from credit cards to PayPal to branded "shopping cart" programs. ... (See Payments)

Merchants eye mobile phones to transact card payments -- Smart-phone credit card transaction processing applications are coming online, offering convenience for consumers and the potential for higher sales to businesses. ... (See Software)

7-11 gathers signatures to fight credit card fees -- Popular convenience store chain 7-11 objects to high swipe fees on its credit card transactions and has organized a petition to try and get 1 million signatures. It's all to get the attention of Congress. ... (See 7-11)

What is a virtual merchant account? -- Use a virtual merchant account to increase sales and give customers what they want: an easy and secure way to purchase your goods and services when and where they want. ... (See Virtual)

Get answers to your questions about PCI data security standards -- Small business owners, with the help of merchant account providers and trade associations, can learn more about PCI standards for data security. ... (See PCI standards)

4 key tips for negotiating with merchant account providers -- All aspects of credit card processing are negotiable if you are willing to discuss options with a customer service representative. We'll give you some tips on how to do it. ... (See Negotiate)

When should you change merchant accounts? -- Here are some signs that your current merchant account provider just isn't that into you. ... (See Change)

All you need to know about the discount rate -- When you're shopping for a merchant account, paying attention to the discount rate will help you make the best decision for your business. ... (See Discount rate)

New bill aims to cut merchant fees -- Business owners often complain that they are unable to bargain for lower fees on merchant accounts. The U.S. Credit Card Fair Fee Act aims to help, but banks and credit unions are opposed to it. ... (See Fee cut)

Best privacy practices for businesses with merchant accounts -- Merchants need to take steps in order to guard their customers' credit card information. ... (See Data)

What are interchange fees, and why should you care? -- Each time merchants choose to make a sale via credit cards, an interchange fee is charged for credit card processing. It's crucially important to make sure you know about them, so you can maximize your profits. ... (See Fees)

Credit cards drive growth in small business lending -- The nation's largest card issuers are also the largest providers of small business loans, according to a 2008 report by the Small Business Administration. ... (See Lending)

How struggling businesses should handle merchant accounts -- If your company is struggling to stay afloat in this turbulent economy, or you're facing the reality of shutting down operations, paying attention to all of your merchant accounts is critical during this time of change. ... (See Struggling)

What is a merchant account? -- A merchant account allows a business to accept credit cards and may offer other merchant services, too. A merchant account can be obtained through a credit card company, a bank or another payment processing provider. ... (See Merchant accounts)

What you need to know about third party merchant accounts -- Qualifying for merchant accounts can be difficult for new and small businesses to do. They also can be expensive to maintain. One option that business owners have is to use third party merchant accounts. ... (See Third party accounts)

Consider these factors when selecting a merchant account -- Everything else aside, you will want your ability to accept credit card payments to be versatile. You're convinced that your business needs a merchant account telephone system for credit card processing. You have many merchant accounts from which to choose; now your task is to pick the best one for your needs. ... (See Choosing an account)

Merchant account fees: Are they worth it? -- Between the merchant account discount or interchange fee, the initial fee, merchant account monthly fees, minimum fees, gateway access fees and others, merchant accounts aren't cheap. But there are also plenty of good reasons to have one. ... (See Fees)

Tips for merchants on how to combat charge-offs -- There are several ways you can dramatically limit the number of credit card charge-offs your business encounters. Credit card charge-offs happen when a purchase is deemed uncollectible, which can put a big dent in your enterprise's merchant account. ... (See Charge-offs)

What to look for when choosing the right merchant account company -- Finding a merchant account should not be a rush job. Once you've decided that your business needs to accept credit card payments, take your time to evaluate the costs and services offered for merchant accounts from a variety of credit card processing companies. ... (See Choosing)

Benefits for small businesses accepting credit cards -- Accepting credit cards is essential for small businesses that want to increase their revenue, satisfy their customers and keep their bottom line in line. Arranging to accept credit cards at your small store or e-commerce site makes good business sense. The amount of money it takes to accept credit cards will be quickly recouped by increased sales. Everything else being equal, a consumer will choose the small business that can accept credit cards online or in the store over those that do not. ... (more)

Which merchant account is right for your home-based business? -- With today's challenging economy, many who have been unemployed for a substantial amount of time are considering starting up a small business at their home. However, it's not easy. ... (See Home business)

6 tips for keeping merchant account rates and fees low -- A cautious approach to getting a merchant account -- an arrangement with a bank or other provider that will allow your business to accept credit cards -- and a little homework now can help keep those fears of rampant fees and extra charges from becoming a reality. ... (See Rates and fees)

FAQs about applying for a merchant account online -- Frequently asked questions about merchant accounts, which are easy to use, but sometimes tricky to set up. ... (See FAQ)

Merchant account terms: Glossary, definitions -- Merchant accounts have their own special language, and for the business owner accepting credit cards, they're crucial to know. ... (See Glossary)

How merchant account transactions work -- This interactive guide to merchant account processing and transactions lays out, in simple fashion, each step, from the customer's credit card swipe to money in the businessperson's pocket. ... (See Interactive)

'Red Flags Rules' require merchants to help fight ID theft -- On Nov. 1, 2008, credit card issuers and businesses that extend credit must establish policies -- called the Red Flags Rules -- to help detect fraud. ... (See Identity theft)

6 keys to finding the right merchant account for you -- Shopping around for a merchant account can really pay off. We'll take a look at what small business should know so they can find the best account for their needs. ... (See The right account)

5 ways to prevent employee credit card abuse -- Here are 5 steps small business owners can take to prevent unauthorized credit card purchases by employees. ... (more)

Merchants struggle to secure user data, deter identity theft -- Merchants' battles to secure consumer credit card data never end. That's why the credit card industry imposes mandatory security standards on merchants, processors, manufacturers of PIN entry devices and application developers. ... (See ID theft)

Rules changing for merchants handling credit card data -- Safety concerns for consumers' credit card information prompt changes in the way businesses handle data. ... (See Changes)

Business credit scores: What they are, how to boost yours -- Just as an individual has a credit score, so does a business. As with individual scores, the number determines whether your business gets credit and at what rate. ... (See Scores)

Cashless businesses slowly catch on -- An Oregon cafe is one of a small but growing number of businesses that accepts credit cards or debit cards only. No cash. ... (See Cashless)

Merchant account interchange fees affect businesses, card issuers -- Increasingly controversial interchange fees ultimately paid by consumers. ... (more)